Bread for Sheffield

 Buy top quality bread flour 

from St Mary’s


help provide emergency food boxes

for families across Sheffield 

This is the deal


 We will provide 

 top quality bread flour 

 from Hukins in 2.5kg bags at cost price. 

 You make a donation to fund 

 the provision of emergency food. 

 50% of the donation goes to St Mary’s food  delivery scheme, and 50% to support local   food banks.

Why do we need to do this?

The Covid crisis is a complete disaster for families

who were already on the breadline.

They have lost their jobs, their kids are at home without school meals and limited public transport means they can’t get to the supermarkets.


Families who were getting by are suddenly in need of food to help them get through this crisis. Demand at Foodbanks has increased by 300% since the lockdown started.

BreadforSheffield is a fundraising initiative, allowing St Mary's to respond to this need by providing nutritious food boxes to families all over Sheffield.


 Our emergency food parcels   are delivered to over 260   addresses each week 

 Emergency Food Boxes 

 Delivered This Week 

June 3rd:

309 households

(approx 500 people)


Referrals for food boxes can be made

by phone to James on 07421 745 829

or by email to

             Buy Flour            

We're making flour available in 2.5kg packets at cost price.

All we ask is that you include a donation with your payment.  

Step 1  Click the red box: 'Select a collection point & donate'.

Step 2  Add products to your cart

Step 3  Pay for the items in your cart.

Step 4  Tell your friends, to share us on Facebook and Instagram


Step 5  Check your email and make a note of the order number                  for when you collect.

Step 6  Bake! 

            Collection Points               

St Timothy’s Church Slinn Street, Crookes, S10 1NZ

             Open 12-2pm Wed.

St Mary's Church Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ.

Open 10-4pm Thurs.

 All Saints Church Ecclesall, S11 7PP, 

Open 2-4pm Thurs.

Order before 9am on Wed. Any orders not collected at the will be kept for collection at St Mary's. 

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Post your baking

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 About St Mary's response 

 to the Covid Crisis 

We believe that wasting food is a scandal. Throwing away good food is bad for the economy, for the environment and for the wellbeing of people who are on the breadline.


So before the crisis we were working with local volunteers to use surplus food to make community meals in six locations across the city where people are living in deprivation. We also ran a community café based solely on surplus food and a conference and catering business.

When the virus struck we quickly changed our operations to meet the new levels of food poverty in the city. George our delivery driver spends his days driving round the city picking up surplus food from supermarkets and from the FareShare warehouse.


Our chefs use the short life or wholesale packed food to make 350 delicious frozen meals each week. The rest of the food goes in our food boxes along with extra fruit and vegetables that we buy in.

Each week we feed more than 600 people, we take tonnes of surplus food out of the waste stream and we keep our chefs employed. What’s not to like?

St Mary's Church and Community Centre 

Charity Registration no. 1094204

Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S2 4QZ

0114 2230223

email -

 We partner with AgeUK   Sheffield to deliver food   parcels to their members 

St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield  S2 4QZ  Charity Reg. 1094204.

Tel 0114 2230223 - email